The People of the Woods

Bide the Wiccan Law Ye Must,
in perfect Love, in perfect Trust,
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
What ye send out comes back to thee,
So ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
and Merry ye Meet, and Merry ye Part.
About the People of the Woods Logo Avatar Design.

In the Great Southwest of the United States many of the native pueblo peoples worshiped the Sun which shines brightly on the great southwestern deserts. The Zia Pueblo in specific used a stylized Sun image of a circle with rays coming out on four sides. The State of New Mexico uses the Zia sun sign on their state flag. Over several years the pueblo people have complained that the state “stole” their sun symbol, but other New Mexicans say that the sun belongs to all.

The People of the Woods was originally formed in New Mexico. We wanted a coven/church emblem that represented our place on the earth as well our Gods of the Sun and Moon. We chose the golden Zia emblem to represent the Sun God and our connection to New Mexico.

Inside the Sun God circle we have:

The Moon and stars are on top, the crowning position. She represent the Moon Goddess and the Star Goddess.

The Stag on the right is a very old western European representation of the ancient Horned God. We acknowledge the ancestral home of our members.

At the bottom is a red Fire Dragon. She represents the element of fire and energy.

On the left is a spreading Oak tree, worshiped by Druids and many other pagans for a very long time. The Sun God theme is again represented.

Crossing the circle from right to left we have Nuada's irresistable sword brought from Findias by the Tuatha De Danaan. No one could escape it once it was unsheathed. (see below)

Behind the sword and crossing from left to right is Lugh's Spear brought from Gorias by the Tuatha De Danaan. Anyone who held it was invincible in battle. It is a wood and knapped stone spear which represents the very ancient origins of the Old Religion.

The web site background is green because "green" represents our connection with Mother Nature, the Earth, and the Woods.

The logo is copyright by the People of the Woods Church of the Old Religion. All rights are reserved. No other use of the logo design or images, in whole or in part, is authorized without the express permission of the People of the Woods Church of the Old Religon.

May the Lord and Lady bless your day.

The Tuatha De Danaan
from Irish legend

Long ago the Tuatha De Danaan came to Ireland in a great fleet of ships to take the land from the Fir Bolgs who lived there. These newcomers were the People of the Goddess Danu and their men of learning possessed great powers and were revered as if they were gods. They were accomplished in the various arts of druidry, namely magic, prophecy and occult lore. They had learnt their druidic skills in Falias, Gorias, Findias and Murias, the four cities of the northern islands.

When they reached Ireland and landed on the western shore, they set fire to their boats so that there would be no turning back. The smoke from the burning boats darkened the sun and filled the land for three days, and the Fir Bolgs thought the Tuatha De Danaan had arrived in a magic mist.

The invaders brought with them the four great treasures of their tribe. From Falias they brought Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny. They brought it to Tara and it screamed when a rightful king of Ireland sat on it. From Gorias they brought Lugh's spear. Anyone who held it was invincible in battle. From Findias they brought Nuada's irresistible sword. No one could escape it once it was unsheathed. From Murias they brought the Dagda's cauldron. No one ever left it hungry.

Nuada was the king of the Tuatha De Danaan and he led them against the Fir Bolgs. They fought a fierce battle on the Plain of Moytura, the first one the Tuatha De Danaan fought in a place of that name. Thousands of the Fir Bolgs were killed, a hundred thousand in all, and among them their king, Eochai Mac Ere. Many of the Tuatha.De Danaan died too, and their king, Nuada, had his arm severed from his body in the fight. In the end the Tuatha De Danaan overcame the Fir Bolgs and routed them until only a handful of them survived. These survivors boarded their ships and set sail for the far scattered islands around Ireland.

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