The People of the Woods

Bide the Wiccan Law Ye Must,
in perfect Love, in perfect Trust,
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
What ye send out comes back to thee,
So ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
and Merry ye Meet, and Merry ye Part.

A Wiccan Creation Myth
A myth of our people.

Before there was anything, there was the Lady. Before the stars began to shine, before the first bird sang, before the grass stood green on the rolling hills, the Lady was.

At first, the Lady slept; and as She slept, She dreamed. She dreamed of the shining stars, of the singing birds, of the green grass and the rolling hills. And when She had dreamed of the entire Universe and all that it was to contain. the Lady woke.

Nov when the Lady woke, She found Herself surrounded by nothingness. There was no substance, no form other than that of the Lady Herself, and the only light was the soft silver light which shone gloriously from Her body.

The Lady did not despair at the vast emptiness about Her. She knew that Her dream must be realized -- and she put forth Her power.

The silver glow from her body grew until it was brighter than any light that has since been seen. The darkness swirled around Her. The very nothingness rippled and shook, like a vast ocean beset by a thousand hurricanes.

But the void remained, dark and empty.

The Lady redoubled Her power. The silver glow grew brighter still, and spiraled out from Her body. The darkness flew away from Her and the nothingness was stretched until it almost shattered.

But the void did not break. and the darkness returned.

Then the Lady withdrew Her power and the light from Her body dimmed to a soft glow once again. She hung Her head. Her jet-black hair falling to Her knees. and She wept. She wept because She, with all Her power had failed to realize Her dream. And She wept because She was alone and lonely.

The Lady was quiet for a time, deep in thought. It came to Her that even if She could not realize Her dream. She could make Herself s companion so that She would no longer be lonely.

With great haste the Lady gathered up all the tears She had cried, holding them in the palm of Her hand. She put forth Her power, and the small, round drops began to swell. They grew, merged. and continued growing. Soon they had grown too large for the Lady's hand, and She let then hang In the nothingness before Her.

The drops became a single mass, and still growing, began to take shape. Arms and legs appeared, a trunk, and finally a head. The figure had the same silver glow as the Lady, and its eyes were closed.

When it had grown to the same size as the Lady, it stopped growing, and the eyes opened. The Lady approached the figure, and reached out for it with both Her hands.

Suddenly it spoke.

“No!" it said, in a voice as deep as the lowest note of a pipe organ, "Not yet. I am not ready."

The Lady moved back, amazed.

The figure began to change. The silver glow surrounding it became golden. Horns sprouted from its head, and its feet became hooves. Hair appeared on its legs, and its arms grew thick and strong. A beard appeared on its face. And when all the changes had been completed, He threw back its head and laughed.

The Lady stared, still puzzled. "Who are You?" She asked in a voice as soft; as starlight, "Where did You come from.?"

"Where did I come from?" said the figure, laughing. "Why, for as long as You have been, so have I. And as long as You shall be, so shall I. And as for who I am," the figure paused as if thinking, "I am Pan, the Lord of the dance!" With that, Pan began to dance, circle around the Lady. a quick, spinning dance.

The Lady watched Silently as Pan moved around Her. Though She was motionless Her thoughts raced. Who was this stranger? What did His appearance mean? And, most importantly, could He help Her with the dream?

And at that moment. the Lady realized who Pan was, and why He bad appeared.

Lord and Lady creation
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"Pan," She called. "Beloved Pan! Thrice blessed Lord, Father of all that is to be! Come to Me my love." And indeed, the Lady did love Pan, for now She understood what He was. But, Pan drew away, still dancing.

"No, great Lady," He said, “No, I will not come to You."

"But why not?” asked the Lady.

"I love You,” said Pan, and the Lady smiled. "And I do not wish to share You with anyone or anything.”

"I am eternally My own," said the Lady, "Yet as You have said, we have always been together, and we shall always be together.”

Pan reflected, "There is also this," said He, and the Lady noticed a tinge of fear in His voice, "When we join, for join we must to fulfill your dream, I shall lose Myself and become nothing."

“No, my love," said the Lady, "Not at all. You are to be part of all creation. The Universe cannot exist without You."

"But my dance," cried Pan, “I must be free to continue my dance."

The Lady thought for a moment. "Then Your dance shall be the way of the Universe, and all shall follow You, and be filled with joy."

Pan stopped His dancing, and gazed at the Lady. "And I shall lead any who follow me to You my beautiful Lady, and all will see Your wisdom. and power, and they will rejoice.”

"Then, You will join with Me," asked the Lady.

Pan did not answer, but took the Lady's hands in His. They moved closer together, and kissed. Their arms went about each other, their hands caressed. Their lips kissed.

"Thus is the dream fulfilled." sighed the Lady.

They were joined. body to body, mind to mind,, spirit to spirit, silver to gold. Their passion grew, and grew, until finally, white hot, it exploded. The darkness fled. The nothingness was filled with their joy, which became the stars; their passion, which became every living thing; and their love, which became the spirit of the Universe.

Capricorn Skywatcher

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